The OPA and Indigenous Health

Indigenous rights and Indigenous health have become increasingly important priorities for Canada, and, here at the OPA, we agree with and support this essential priority.

We are in the early stages of developing a strategy to ensure Indigenous Health, including mental health, is a priority of our organization.

Over the past year, our working group has worked on several short-term priorities to increase our support of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada.

We have accomplished:

-Council endorsement of the TRC Calls to Action

-OPA conferences all opened with a recognition of traditional territorial lands

-Council endorsement of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada’s addition of an accreditation standard related to addressing Indigenous health

Over the coming years, we plan to further develop our strategy by more actively partnering with our Indigenous colleagues and collaborators. In doing that, we hope to work on:

-increasing knowledge of Indigenous health in our members, such as through specific conferences or conference tracks

-more deliberate partnering with Indigenous organizations to understand how we can help and contribute to their issues, such as advocating for culturally appropriated mental health care

-considering an interest group or community of practice for psychiatric practitioners around Indigenous health issues

Please find attached the TRC Calls to Action which OPA Council endorsed in 2018.

Natasha Snelgrove, MD FRCPC

Indigenous Health Lead

Ontario Psychiatric Association


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