OPA Groups

Continuing Education Committee

Chair: Dr. Angela Ho

Mandate: The Continuing Education Committee develops and implements a program of education to assist members to achieve an optimal level of professional development and practice, and to exchange scientific and other relevant information

Finance/Audit Committee

Chair: Dr. Jon Davine

Mandate: The Finance/Audit Committee oversees the treasury as well as the financial instruments, budgets, controls and financial statements, reports and records and the receipt of fees, bequests, gifts, donations and grants of money.

Nominations Committee

Chair: Dr. Javeed Sukhera

Members in Training (MIT) Section

  • Medical students, psychiatry residents and fellows training in the province of Ontario areconsidered Members in Training (MIT).
  • MIT collectively form the MIT Section, which is overseen by the MIT Section Executive.
  • As part of your free annual membership, MIT are eligible for a wide range of benefits!
  • Below is just a snapshot of some of the benefits, privileges and special opportunities available only to members of the Ontario Psychiatric Association (OPA).

“Being a member of the OPA has been a rewarding and enriching experience. There is an abundance of leadership, advocacy, educational and networking opportunities that have personally enriched my time in Psychiatry Residency. My membership in the OPA has played a vital role in shaping who I am and who I will become as a psychiatrist.”
Dr. Anees Bahji, Psychiatry Resident, Queen’s University

Clinical Resources and Information
  • Dialogue, OPA’s recurring electronic newsletter
  • Access to OPA’s position papers, reports, and statements
  • Access to OPA’s job bank
Expand Your Professional Network
  • Meet and network with your peers and senior leaders at the OPA Annual Conference and other conferences throughout the year
  • Eligible to sit as a member of the OPA Council as a Member-In-Training
  • OPA Annual Conference includes a Resident Stream, with such topics as:
    - Billing and Finances
    - Transition to Practice
Special Rates on OPA Products & Services
  • FREE membership for the duration of your residency AND reduced rates into your first three years of practice (as an Early Career Psychiatrist)
  • FREE early bird registration fees to the OPA Annual Conference

MTO Reporting Requirements Task Force 

Chair: Dr. Angela Ho

The MTO Reporting Requirements Task Force was created in 2018 in response to concerns about the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario's (MTO) changes to the requirements for reporting medically unfit drivers.  Dr Angela O Ho is liaising with the MTO on these matters. Read more

Task Force: Access and Models of Care Delivery

Initiative Task Force was struck to examine issues relating to access to mental health care and models of care delivery to achieve it. Improving "wait-times" to obtain mental health care requires adequate infrastructure and supports to provide effective care, such as a stepped care approach, team-based supports, and appropriate financial considerations for direct and indirect care.  Dr. Angela O. Ho is the current “Access” Initiative Lead. Read more

Task Force: Psychotherapy Initiative

The Psychotherapy Initiative was created to highlight the importance of psychotherapy (in all its forms) as a treatment in the mental health toolkit.  As the stigma around mental illness and its treatment perpetuates myths about the effectiveness of psychotherapy, advocacy around education and access have become increasingly key.  Dr. Renata M. Villela, the OPA's current Psychotherapy Initiative Lead, is committed to raising awareness about the benefits of psychotherapy and to highlighting psychotherapy projects in the community and beyond. Read more.

Task Force: Indigenous Health

Indigenous rights and Indigenous health have become increasingly important priorities for Canada, and, here at the OPA, we agree with and support this essential priority. Read more.

How to Get Involved 

We are always looking for more engagement at the OPA. There are many ways to become engaged with the organization:

1.    Membership - Members are the engine that keeps OPA running. Please make sure that you are a member of the OPA. There are various membership categories and we hope to recruit and retain our members. 
2.    Council - OPA Council has a new slate on an annual basis. We are always looking for more councillors as members rotate off of Council. OPA Council usually meets in person 3-4 times per year and has regular conference calls throughout the year. Members of Council also have the opportunity to join OPA Executive. OPA members interested in joining Council will be asked to submit a CV and a brief statement of interest.
3.    Sections - Currently OPA has several sections including Addictions, Psychotherapy as well as the Members-in-Training sections. If you have a particular interest that aligns with our sections let us know and we can put you in direct contact with the section lead. 
4.    Committees and Task Forces - from time to time, Council may strike an ad-hoc committee or task force on a particular issue. Sometimes the very topic of the task force or committee comes from an engaged OPA member who wishes to champion or lead on a particular issue. If you have any ideas for new committees or task forces, please contact us.

If anyone is interested in becoming more active in the organization, please contact the OPA office

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